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Need a PMTA and Acelle Mail Installation in your own server?

One of our services is to install PowerMTA 5.x and Acelle Mail on your external server if you need it. That installation includes fully configure PMTA, RDNS, DMARC, DKIM, SPF. And optionally we can warm up your IPs.
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Do you need a server with PowerMTA and Acelle Mail preinstalled?

Acelle Mail Servers Specialist

Our servers have PowerMTA installed and an unlimited Acelle Mail license. All ready to start your mass mailings.

When hiring our service, you will have a dedicated server, with warm up IPs, the PowerMTA 5.x service set to 100% (DMARC, SPF, RDNS, DKIM). In addition to an Acelle Mail business license.

Our technical team will keep your server software up to date. This includes the AcelleMail as well as the PMTA.

We have been providing our clients with robust servers dedicated to email marketing for more than five years.

Acelle Mail is a powerful marketing software and we have allied with this company to provide it hosted. You will not need to know anything about programming, technical issues of email marketing among others. With our service you can send bulk mail to hundreds of thousands of emails without worrying about the configuration of a dedicated server.

If you ask yourself questions such as:

acelle mail installation

acelle mail vs mailwizz

acelle mail installation guide

acelle mail setup

which email marketing software is best

which email marketing service is the best

how can i do email marketing

Then we are definitely the company you need to hire. Forget about configuring servers, validating SPF, validating DKIM, configuring IP, Warm up IPs as well as dealing with SPAM reports. We are 100% dedicated to ensure that your emails arrive without problem.

Acelle Mail Nulled

The answer is us. Here you will receive an Acelle Mail server ready to start your marketing campaigns. And yes, Acelle Mail far exceeds MailWizz. You will not need to download an nulled Acelle Mail because ours is 100% licensed and legal. And you can receive automatic updates. Which means you'll always have the latest version of Acelle Mail.

Where to start email marketing?

The eternal question of people who just realize that Email Marketing is the best marketing tool. It is the tool that will allow you to grow your company, your business and your sales. We take care of performing "EVERYTHING". We provide you with an Email Marketing Server, with its fully self-hosted mass mailing platform. You just have to upload your database, create your campaign and click on "send campaign". And voila, you will begin to monitor the openings of the recipients.

Which email marketing to use?

Definitely us :) We have served hundreds of clients that come from using Sendinblue, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, Send Pulse, Intercom, AWeber, GetResponse among many others. In the end everyone agrees on the same. As soon as they register with these companies, they upload their database and end up banning their account. Why? Simple, these companies are not friendly or understand marketers. Many have databases that have been slightly outdated and run to block them. We receive hundreds of customers with those and many more problems with those companies. Here you will not receive cancellation of your service for receiving spam reports. Our technical team is responsible for helping to solve the reports and to update your old database. We are cheaper and more considerate of our customers.

What is the best alternative to MailChimp?

We are definitely the best alternative for MailChimp. Mailchimp charges you for the amount of your database. We do not charge you for the amount of database. You can send bulk mail to different recipients every day. Our packages are 10x cheaper. In addition you will receive technical support 24/7 by online chat, ticket and via email. The package you hire with us doesn't matter. You will always receive the best assistance.

Better than MailChimp?

Yes, better because:

- We do not block you when receiving SPAM reports.

- We clean your IPs from the main blacklists.

- We offer better prices.

- And we are always there with you to ensure the delivery of your campaigns.

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Choose the best plan for your sendings needs

You also have the possibility to request a personalized quote if any of the plans do not fully meet your needs
Root Access
Software Installation
Hardware specs
Emails by day
IP included in your plan. This includes the main IP of the server.
IP Cleaning
Support 24x7
Plan 1 - Acelle/PMTA
€149* / Month
* Special PROMO. After 1st month, €219/mo
The best for newbies. Fast and safe sendings.
PowerMTA 5 & Acelle Mail 4.x
Cores: 4 / 8GB RAM
500GB SSD / Net: 1 Gbps
1 million
Each additional IP will cost €9.99/month.
Plan 2 - Acelle/PMTA
€199* / Month
* Special PROMO. After 1st month, €249.00/mo
Greater capacity of daily sendings. Secure and fast sendings.
PowerMTA 5 & Acelle Mail 4.x
Cores: 8 / 16GB RAM
2 x 500GB SSD / Net: 1 Gbps
1.5 millions
Each additional IP will cost €9.99/month.
Plan 3 - Acelle/PMTA
€229* / Month
* Special PROMO. After 1st month, €299.00/mo
Our TOP plan. Greater growth capacity.
PowerMTA 5 & Acelle Mail 4.x
Cores: 8 / 32GB RAM
2 x 500GB SSD / Net: 1 Gbps
2.5 millions
Each additional IP will cost €9.99/month.
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