FAQ Glossary

Drip Marketing
When a set of pre-written emails scheduled to be sent to a recipient one after another depending on his behavior, it is known as drip marketing.
Dynamic content
Dynamic content is content that can be displayed and triggered based on subscriber’s data. For example, email marketers can use gender to determine which type of content to display. A popular clothing retailer can segment data to display their men’s spring collection to male subscribers and their women’s spring collection to female subscribers.
Email Campaign
An email campaign is a series of emails target to achieve one goal. It consists of 1 primary email and multiple follow-ups after that. These follow-ups are designed differently for different conditions like opened, responded, not opened, etc.
Email Client
A computer application that allows you to use emails from your desktop without logging into a browser is an email client. OutLook is one of the most popular email clients out there.
Email Deliverability
The ability of an email to land in the inbox of the recipient is called Email Deliverability. Higher the deliverability, better are your odds of getting the work done.
Email Filter
Email filters are these smart filters that make inferences on whether your emails are important, promotional, social update or spam and classify it accordingly. These filters save a lot of your time.
Email Harvesting/Scraping
When a user harvests a list of email addresses from similar industry or interests usually to send a mass email is called Email Harvesting. There are special email harvesting tools that make your job of email harvesting easier. It is illegal in many countries to harvest emails without the permission of the user. Make sure you take opt-in permission instead of spamming users with your emails.
Email list
It is a collection of information of individuals usually containing their names, email addresses, workplace, and location. These lists help you with personalization and segmentation.
Email Marketing
It is the art of using emails to develop and maintain a relationship between leads and clients.
Email Phishing
A fraudulent activity performed by scammers where they send mass emails illegitimately through a popular companies name in order to gain personal information like credit card numbers, passwords, etc from unaware individuals. Using a secured password manager you can avoid this phishing.