FAQ Glossary

Email Queue
As the name suggests, it is a line of all your emails that are to be sent one after another. When you automate an email campaign, all the emails go in a queue.
Email Service Provider
ESP is an acronym that stands for email service provider. An email service provider is a software service that helps email marketers send out email marketing campaigns to their subscribers.
Email Service Provider (ESP)
As the name suggests any company that provides you with the service of emails is an Email Service Provider. E.g. – Gmail is the most popular email service provider out there.
Email Templates
A set email already made in order to serve a purpose. There are email templates specifically designed for particular actions.
Email Verification
It is the process of cleaning your mailing list by removing fake, invalid, sensitive or unusual emails is called email verification. It is advised to verify your email list every 3 months.
General Data Protection Regulation is a law from Europe which protects the personal data of the European netizens. It makes sure a business is not spamming their readers with unnecessary junk. You can still use GDPR friendly tools like SalesHandy in order to send emails.
Grey Mail
A recipient has opted-in but lost interest in receiving your emails over the time as he lost his interest in the topic itself. When you send your email to them, these emails are known as grey as they don’t completely fit in the spam category or legitimate email category.
Hard bounce
A hard bounce is when an email is returned to a sender for permanent reasons. This includes things like delivering to an invalid email address for one of the following reasons: - Incorrect domain name. - Sending to an email address that isn’t real. - Recipient is unknown.
Hard Bounce
When the email cannot be delivered due to reasons like an invalid email address, an invalid domain name or if a recipient’s email server has completely blocked delivery.
Honey Pot
A planted email address by organizations that acts as a spam trap in order to combat spam. So, when a spammer harvests and emails, the anti-spam entity flags the spammer.