FAQ Glossary

A bulletin or message regularly sent to the members who opted in to receive it through emails.
Open rate
The percentage of people that have opened your email is called open rate.
When people mistakenly opt-in in your email newsletter and they receive an update, they decide to get out from this list as it’s not relevant to them. This choice of not being in our email list is called opt-out. You need to give an opt-out / unsubscribe button at the end of your email.
Marketing these days is all about personalization, and email marketing is no exception. Email personalization is where you customize the content based on the subscriber’s data. This could include name, interests, desires, birthdays, and more.
Personalized Email
When you send an email with characters that can only be attached with one recipient like their name is called personalized email. It creates a sense of belongingness among you and your client.
Preview Pane
The preview pane is a small window within your inbox which allows you to take a sneak peek of your email.
Knowing how the email will look in your recipient’s inbox after it’s sent to the recipient before actually sending it is called rendering.
Rental List
When a company rents an email list from the third party. Here you won’t get to see the email addresses of the list as the owner will keep them hidden from you. This is not recommended as it has a tinge of unethical marketing.
Reply rate
The percentage of people that reply to your email is called reply/response rate.
Responsive Design
The emails that respond to actions of the recipient are called responsive emails. One can use HTML to design such emails.