How many years of experience do you have using PowerMTA, MailWizz, Interspire and Acelle Mail?

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2021-09-03 23:56

We have more than 16 years of experience managing, configuring and solving problems of hard bounces, blocking to IPs, optimizing PowerMTA servers and warm up IPs. We also have several years working with specialized software for sending mass emails, such as Interspire. With this we have helped hundreds of customers to optimize their sendings, optimize MySQL / Maria DB, in addition to creating plugins with improvements.

In recent years we have integrated to our knowledge the use of Acelle Mail and MailWizz, two quite good solutions that provide advanced options compared to the old Interspire. In both software we have provided optimization services and advice on its correct use. Our Acelle Mail servers and the Mailwizz servers we provide are licensed, 100% optimized and ready to offer you the best user experience and optimal results.

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