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Interpsire Email Marketer - Installation Guide

Please ensure your web host meets the application requirements below.
• UNIX or a Linux variant is preferred.
• Apache 2.4.x or Nginx 1.18.x or above
• PHP 7.2 or above
• MySQL 5.6 or above
• To use autoresponders, your need access to a scheduler - usually Cron on your web server.
• To process bounced emails, your version of PHP needs access to the imap_xxx functions (default).
• Please download and run check_iem.php to verify that the system requirements are met before starting
the installation.
Uploading Files
Unzip the Interspire Email Marketer package onto your local hard drive. If you don’t have Winzip, you can
download it for free. Using an FTP program (such as Filezilla, which is free, or a commercial package such
as CuteFTP), login to your web server and copy the Interspire Email Marketer files across into your base
website directory. This directory is commonly called public_html, html, www or website_html. If you’re
not sure what it is, your webhost provider will be able to tell you.
File Permissions
Interspire Email Marketer requires the following files/directories to have ’write’ permissions set. On a Linux
or Unix web host, you can use your FTP program and use the ’CHMOD’ (’Change Mode’) function to grant
write permissions. If a folder listed here doesn’t exist, please create it.
Files, CHMOD this file to 664:
• /admin/includes/config.php
Note: Although it says 664, some webhosts may require 666 instead.
Folders, CHMOD these to 775:
• /admin/temp/
• /admin/com/storage
Note: Although it says 775, some webhosts may require 777 instead.
MySQL Database
Interspire Email Marketer makes use of a MySQL database to store your data. This database must be created
before you run the Interspire Email Marketer installation wizard. Your database user account should also
have full grant access to that database. You will need the database connection details during the setup wizard.

Setting up your database may differ with your webhost and what software they use for your webhosting
control panel (cPanel, Please, etc.)

Setup Wizard

Interspire Email Marketer includes a simple one step installation process.
To start the setup wizard, navigate to the directory that you uploaded Interspire Email Marketer to, for
example: The Interspire Email Marketer setup wizard will appear. It
contains the following fields:
• License Key - Copy the license key you received when you purchased Interspire Email Marketer and
paste it here.
• Application URL- This is the URL to your Interspire Email Marketer installation (not your main
website if this is in a sub folder)
• Email Address - This is the email that will be used for the super admin user that will be created, also
it will be the default contact email which can be changed later via your settings page.
• Password & Confirm Password - This will become the password for your admin user. The username
will be ’admin’.
• Database Information - You will need your database username, password, database name and host
(usually ’localhost’, though this may vary with some hosts).
• Send Server Configuration - This will send information about your server back to us. The data sent will
be basic information such as your PHP version, MySQL version, etc. No information that can identify
you or your website will be sent, it is completely anonymous. This will aid us in future development to
know what versions of PHP and MySQL we can support amongst other things.
Your Interspire Email Marketer configuration details will now be saved into the admin/includes/config.php
file. Your database tables will also been created.
Congratulations, you are now ready to login to the Interspire Email Marketer control panel and start on your
first email campaign! Your control panel will be accessible by adding ’/admin’ onto the end of your website

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