FAQ Glossary

A/B Split Test
It is a method of comparing the results of 2 different emails and taking out inferences on the same. As the name suggests, you prepare two or more variants of an email naming them A,B,C and so on. You try it on different people and compare results to find out which one is most impactful.
Attachment open rate
The percentage of people who click to open the attachment that you have sent them via email is called attachment open rate.
Auto Follow-up
When an email is sent in continuation of the previous email in order to remind the recipient about the subject, that email is called a follow-up email. There are tools in the market like SalesHandy that automate this procedure for you with conditions.
An automated message or series of messages that are triggered when an email is sent to a particular address. For e.g. – an out of office email is an auto-respondent.
Behavioral Email
A way to customize which email messages a subscriber get based on how they have behaved in the past.
When your emails are stopped from being sent by spam filters or other factors is called email block. This usually happens if you cross daily sending limit of Gmail or send a spammy looking email.
Bounce Rate
The percentage of emails that don’t land in the inbox of your recipients is Bounce rate.
Similar to an “email blast”. When you send out the same email message to everyone on your list all at once.
Bulk Mail/Mass email
The process of sending a single email to hundreds of people at a time is called Mass Emailing.
Call to Action (CTA)
An order or request given, usually, at the end of an email to encourage the subscriber to do something. E.g. “Download the app now”