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Software Installation
Hardware specs
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IP included in your plan. This includes the main IP of the server.
IP Cleaning
Support 24x7
MailWizz/PMTA 1
€149* / Month
* Special PROMO. After 1st month, €219/mo
The best for newbies. Fast and safe sendings.
PowerMTA 5 & MailWizz 2.1.x
Cores: 4 / 8GB RAM
500GB SSD / Net: 1 Gbps
1 million
Supports max. 6 IPs, extra IPs €3.95/month.
MailWizz/PMTA 2
€199* / Month
* Special PROMO. After 1st month, €249.00/mo
Greater capacity of daily sendings. Secure and fast sendings.
PowerMTA 5 & MailWizz 2.1.x
Cores: 8 / 16GB RAM
2 x 500GB SSD / Net: 1 Gbps
1.5 millions
Supports max. 10 IPs, extra IPs €3.95/month.
MailWizz/PMTA 3
€229* / Month
* Special PROMO. After 1st month, €299.00/mo
Our TOP plan. Greater growth capacity.
PowerMTA 5 & MailWizz 2.1.x
Cores: 8 / 32GB RAM
2 x 500GB SSD / Net: 1 Gbps
2.5 millions
Supports max. 16 IPs, extra IPs €3.95/month.
About our All-in-One Email Marketing Service

What include our MailWizz Servers service?

The MailWizz Servers service offers you a fully configured platform for your mass mailings. You only need to point the domain you want to use as sender ( to the DNS that our support team will provide you with. Once the DNS have been updated, our team will take care of configuring the entire Email Marketing platform as well as optimising the PowerMTA (software responsible for rotating the IPs, managing the mailings and distributing the load). This includes DKIM / SPF / DMARC and rDNS technology. In other words, our technical support team is in charge of managing all the software and keeping it up to date.

What will I receive once I have purchased the MailWizz Servers service?

Once you have purchased the service you will receive a link in your mailbox to access the MailWizz platform along with your username and password. You will also find links to tutorials on how to use the MailWizz platform. We confirm that it is a very intuitive and easy to use platform, just upload your database, create your campaign and schedule the mass mailing.

Would you like to try a demo of our Email Marketing platform?

Use the following link and credentials to enter the DEMO of our Email Marketing platform (For security reasons, sending is disabled to prevent misuse).
User: [email protected]
Password: democustomer

The main features of our service?

- High deliverability.
- We do not block your account if you receive SPAM reports.
- We keep your IPs away from the main Blacklists. (IP cleaning).
- We offer better prices than the leading providers in the industry.

Why are we the best alternative to MailChimp?

We are definitely the best alternative to MailChimp. MailChimp charges you per database quantity. We do not charge you per database quantity. You can send bulk mailings to different recipients every day. Plus our packages are 10 times cheaper. And most importantly for many of the customers who choose our services, we do not cancel your account if you receive SPAM reports. We understand that customers sometimes have an outdated database or have customers who forget they have subscribed to your database. That's why we help you manage your SPAM reports to ensure you always get the best performance from your email marketing campaigns.

What if none of the plans meet my mass mailing needs?

Don't worry, we also offer superior and customised plans. We are able to provide servers with a capacity of up to 100 million mailings per day along with thousands of IPs. You only need to contact us to help you with your special request.

What happens if I want to change my plan a few days after contracting the service?

You can upgrade your plan at any time during the subscription month, but if you wish to downgrade your plan you must wait until the end of the subscription month to switch to a new plan. It is important to notify us three days in advance of your interest in downgrading your plan.

What if I am an advanced user and want to install and configure the server myself?

In this case we recommend that you visit our service for advanced customers who want to configure and install your own software and licenses. Our bulk mail servers come with only the operating system installed (Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS). From there you can make the configurations that best suit your needs. Read more at the following link.
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