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Need a PMTA 5.0 Installation in your own server?

One of our services is to install PowerMTA 5.x on your external server if you need it. That installation includes fully configure PMTA, RDNS, DMARC, DKIM, SPF. And optionally we can warm up your IPs.
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Do you need offshore server and the best anonymous web hosting?

Offshore VPS and DMCA Ignored Offshore Hosting

I suppose you have come here because it has been very difficult for you to find an offshore dedicated server provider that offers everything you need in one place. Then look no further, we have more than five years in the market and we have specialized in offering servers in Hong Kong, Bulgary, Singapore, Ukraine, Iceland, Netherlands (Amsterdam), United States, France, Panama, Turkey (our Data Center), Russia, Germany ( Deutschland). Likewise, if you, our future client needs another location, just inform us and we will get in the job of getting the best place to host your data at the best price and we will make sure your site is 100% online.

We are dedicated to offering the three main offers most sought after by our users: We offer dedicated servers, VPS servers, Web Hosting or what is known as shared hosting. We strive to provide the most accessible prices for our customers while maintaining a high level of quality.

What does offshore mean?

Many wonder what an offshore server is, what differentiates it from other types of servers. Why should I buy an offshore server? If you came here asking that question, let me tell you that we have the answer and and I'll tell you immediately.

An offshore server is nothing more than a computer where the information of your website, application or emails is stored, in a different location than the client. For example, if you are currently in France and decide to acquire a server located in Turkey. There are many reasons to use these services that allow you to avoid silly laws that apply only in your country and not where the server is located.

We work hard to provide our clients with services related to:

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These are normal doubts that our clients present. But here we are to answer each one of them. You have available online chat, our contact area as well as our ticket system. Below you will find our dedicated server prices fully configured and ready to send marketing campaigns.

Better than others?

Yes, better because:

- We do not block you when receiving DMCA reports.

- We do not block you when receiving SPAM reports.

- We offer better prices.

- And we are always there with you to ensure your website always be online.

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Choose the best offshore plan for your needs

You also have the possibility to request a personalized quote if any of the plans do not fully meet your needs
Delivery in 3 hours
Extra details
Control Panel
IP included in your plan. This includes the main IP of the server.
Root Access
Support 24x7
Offshore Hosting
€6.95 / Month
Special PROMO. Buy one year of service, save two months, €69.95/year
Perfect to take your first steps in our DMCA Ignored service.
Skylake 2.7 GHz / 64GB RAM
Your share hosting will be hosted in one server with this specs.
10 GB SSD / 100 Mbps
5 Domains, Unlimited Emails
Each additional IP will cost €9.99/month.
Offshore VPS Server
€49.95* / Month
* Special PROMO. After 1st month, €69.95/mo. Try our VPS service today!
Good VPS for deploy multiple Websites and Apps.
Quad-Core 4 x 2.3 GHz
500 GB HDD
1 Gbit/s (shared)
cPanel for extra charge
Each additional IP will cost €9.99/month.
Offshore Server
€99.95* / Month
* Special PROMO. After 1st month, €129.95/mo. Try our Dedicated Server today!
Robust dedicated server with high performance and backed by our technicians.
Intel Xeon® E3-1225v3
1 Gbit/s
cPanel for extra charge
Each additional IP will cost €9.99/month.

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