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PowerMTA 5.0 with license
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Need a PMTA 5.0 Installation in your own server?

One of our services is to install PowerMTA 5.x on your external server if you need it. That installation includes fully configure PMTA, RDNS, DMARC, DKIM, SPF. And optionally we can warm up your IPs.
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Do you need a server with PowerMTA 5.0 preinstalled?

PowerMTA pricing and IP Rotation

If you have been looking for information on PowerMTA cracked download, PowerMTA nulled download, powermta 4.5 nulled or PowerMTA download. Do not look any further. We can help you. We offer servers with PowerMTA in addition to offering the installation service if you only need the software configured on your own server. Clic here for prices

You may be looking for information about powermta 4.5 license or how to install powermta on linux. We have good news, we have PowerMTA 5.0 and if you want to send bulk mail we are your best option. We are specifically dedicated to configuring hundreds of servers for mass mailings. We have more than 16 years of experience making configurations and you may have arrived here looking for:

  • powermta with mailwizz
  • powermta 4.5.1 with license
  • powermta for centos
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Well, we have solutions for all those questions. We offer servers with PowerMTA 5.0 (even better than its previous version). We also offer installation and configuration services for your server as well as servers with integrated software. You will receive PowerMTA with license 100%. Fully functional.

Also your questions about Postfix vs PowerMTA, the main difference is that PowerMTA is a system specialized in mass mailings. This software offers you IP Rotation in addition to:

  • backoff mode
  • x-powermta-bounce category bad-mailbox
  • x-powermta-bounce category bad-connection
  • x-powermta-bouncecategory invalid-sender
  • x-powermta-bounce category policy-related
  • x-powermta-bounce category success
  • x-powermta-bounce category bad-domain
  • x-powermta-bounce category routing-errors

You might wonder how to install PowerMTA Centos 7. You don't need to worry about that. We install on our server or yours. We work with Centos in its latest version. And we perform the RDNS, DKIM, SPF and DMARC configurations.

Sometimes our potential clients arrive with questions related to:

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These are normal doubts that our clients present. But here we are to answer each one of them. You have available online chat, our contact area as well as our ticket system. Below you will find our dedicated server prices fully configured and ready to send marketing campaigns.

Better than others?

Yes, better because:

- We do not block you when receiving SPAM reports.

- We clean your IPs from the main blacklists.

- We offer better prices.

- And we are always there with you to ensure the delivery of your campaigns.

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Choose the best plan for your sendings needs

You also have the possibility to request a personalized quote if any of the plans do not fully meet your needs
Root Access
Software Installation
Hardware specs
Emails by day
IP included in your plan. This includes the main IP of the server.
IP Cleaning
Support 24x7
Plan PMTA Server 1
$119* / Month
* Special PROMO. After 1st month, $199/mo
Great growth capacity. Fast and safe sendings.
PowerMTA 5.x
Cores: 4 / 8GB RAM
500GB SSD / Net: 1 Gbps
1 million
Each additional IP will cost usd$3.95/month.
Plan PMTA Server 2
$179* / Month
* Special PROMO. After 1st month, $249.00/mo
Greater capacity of daily sendings. Secure and fast sendings.
PowerMTA 5.x
Cores: 8 / 16GB RAM
2 x 500GB SSD / Net: 1 Gbps
1.5 millions
Each additional IP will cost usd$3.95/month.
Plan PMTA Server 3
$299* / Month
* Special PROMO. After 1st month, $399.00/mo
The best for mixing bulk sendings of transactional and marketing emails.
PowerMTA 5.x
Cores: 8 / 32GB RAM
2 x 500GB SSD / Net: 1 Gbps
3.5 millions
Each additional IP will cost usd$3.95/month.
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