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Plan PMTA Server 1
€119* / Month
* Special PROMO. After 1st month, €199/mo
Great growth capacity. Fast and safe sendings.
PowerMTA 5.x
Cores: 2 / 4GB RAM
150GB SSD / Net: 1 Gbps
Each additional IP will cost €9.99/month.
Plan PMTA Server 2
€179* / Month
* Special PROMO. After 1st month, €249.00/mo
Greater capacity of daily sendings. Secure and fast sendings.
PowerMTA 5.x
Cores: 4 / 8GB RAM
500GB SSD / Net: 1 Gbps
Each additional IP will cost €9.99/month.
MailWizz Plan 4
€399* / Month
* Special PROMO. After 1st month, €499.00/mo
The best for newbies. All inclusive. Platform for create campaigns and PowerMTA server.
PowerMTA 5 & MailWizz 2.1.x
Includes: DKIM, DMARC and SPF/RDNS
Cores: 4 / 16GB RAM
500GB SSD / Net: 1 Gbps
1 million
Each additional IP will cost €9.99/month.
We offer customize services

Need a PMTA Installation in your own server?

One of our services is to install PowerMTA 5.x on your external server if you need it. That installation includes fully configure PMTA, RDNS, DMARC, DKIM, SPF. And optionally we can warm up your IPs.
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Do you still have questions before your purchase? Here we try to answer them all.

What is the difference between PowerMTA plans and MailWizz plans?

The PowerMTA plan only includes the SMTP service, which means that you will only receive SMTP credentials, without any kind of email marketing platform. This service is intended for customers who already have their CRM or sending platform and only need SMTP access.

MailWizz plans are all-in-one solutions that allow you to upload your database, create your campaign, schedule your mailings and measure your mailings through detailed statistics.

How long will my server be ready once the payment is made?

Once your payment has been made, our team will proceed to deliver your service in a time not exceeding 24 hours. The estimated normal delivery time at this time is "5-8 hours."

What happens if my IP is blacklisted?

Our team monitors 24/7 the IPs we deliver to our customers. Immediately an IP is blacklisted our team starts cleaning it. And it works in collaboration with our clients to find a quick solution and eliminate future reports.

Do you accept payments through Bitcoin and Altcoins?

Yes. We accept payments via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, Cardano, Monero, IOTA, Ripple and Stellar.

Is this service 100% anonymous?

Yes. Our service is 100% anonymous. And you can register with just an email.

Do you accept PayPal payments?

Yes. We accept payments through PayPal.

Do I receive full access to the server I am buying?

Yes. You will get root access from plan 4. You will receive root access to the server and access to the PowerMTA panel.

Do you offer 24/7 service for any questions regarding the service?

Yes. Our team works 24/7 helping our clients keep their servers 100%. Ensuring zero delivery issues and clean IPs. Our team will help you via online chat, tickets and email.

Where are the servers I am buying located?

Our data center is located in Tallinn, Estonia. But we also work with servers from the USA, Germany, France, Hong Kong and the Netherlands; when necessary for better connectivity or at the request of our customers.
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